H. glycines Genes with Promoters Enriched for DOG-box Motifs


DOG-box DNA motifs were enriched in the promoters of dorsal gland expressed genes in Globodera rostochiensis (1). As a modulus to identify putative effectors, we searched for a similar motif in H. glycines.  A set of DOG-box containing genes from G. rostochiensis and glutathione synthetase genes from both H. glycines and G. rostochiensis were used to refine a H. glycines DOG box using MEME.  The promoters of the genes in H. glycines were queried by newly characterized DOG-box to identify a set of putative effectors. 

A gene list of these putative effectors:   dorsal-likegenesfixed.list_.rtf


1) Eves-van den Akker, Sebastian, et al. "The genome of the yellow potato cyst nematode, Globodera rostochiensis, reveals insights into the basis of parasitism and virulence." Genome biology 17.1 (2016): 124.