Secreted Genes in the H. glycines V1 genome


Because secreted proteins play a vital role in H. glycines parasitism, iwe surveyed the H. glycines annotation for genes with a signal peptide for secretion that also lack a transmembrane domain (1).  A total of 2,222 genes were classified as secreted using Phobius (2) and SignalP (3) annotations obtained using interproscan(4).  However, due to a coding error, these annotations were incomplete.  With SignalP 4.0 (3) we have identified a larger set of secreted genes, 4,656.


Functional annotations of secreted genes in the H. glycines genome V1 publication (1):   secretedgenesannotatedaugustusgff3.rtf

The revised set of functional annotations of secreted genes in the H. glycines genome:  reworkedfunctionalaugustussecreted_sorted.rtf


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