Tandem Duplications in the H. glycines V1 Genome


RedTandem (1) was implemented to identify tandem duplications in the H. glycines V1 genome (2).  A total of 6,730/29,769 of the genes in the genome colocalize to the same regions as tandem duplications. 

Functional annotations of genes in tandem duplications in a GFF3 form:  tandemduplicatedgenesannotatedaugustusgff3.rtf

Functional annotations of predicted effectors in tandem duplications in a GFF3 form:  tandemduplicatedeffectorsannotatedaugustusgff3.rtf


1)  Audemard, Eric, Thomas Schiex, and Thomas Faraut. "Detecting long tandem duplications in genomic sequences." BMC bioinformatics 13.1 (2012): 83.

2)  Masonbrink, Rick E., et al. "The genome of the soybean cyst nematode (Heterodera glycines) reveals complex patterns of duplications involved in the evolution of parasitism genes." bioRxiv (2018): 391276.